Magnolia Shoebox Meal

if you’re hungry think outside the box,

We will bring the history and great food to you


During Jim Crow, black travelers frequently carried shoe box lunches as a means of staying safe when a Green Book site was not readily available. Although the Green Book provided safe places to eat, restaurants and safe places to stop could be few and far between. To keep their families safe, black women prepared shoe box meals. These meals frequently packaged in shoe boxes held foods that were less likely to spoil or require utensils. Meals generally included fried chicken, boiled or devilled eggs, fruit and vegetables, and pound cake.

While the Green Book and shoe box lunches became potent symbols of segregation and black resistance, they grew obsolete as African Americans secured civil rights in the 1960s. Nevertheless, they reflect the ingenuity and creativity black Americans used to survive in an oppressive society.

Today, we’re excited to offer updated shoe box lunches to safely bring history to your home! Each lunch purchased from the Magnolia House through takeout or delivery will come packaged in a signature shoebox filled with historical information. Let us bring black history and the Magnolia House experience right to your door!