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Nicole Henry | Award Winning Jazz Vocalist

April 14th, from 7 pm – 9pm
Tickets: $39.99 per person 

Doors open at 6pm

Stephen Holden of The New York Times raved, “I had the sense of being in the presence of a pop-soul superwoman whose every gesture and inflection conveyed confidence and mastery.” 

Broadway World says, “So powerful is her charisma, so unique is her personality, so rich is her music, so abandoned is her joy that you can’t watch her without being drawn in.”

Rock EZ Urban Line Dancing Of Greensboro

Every Wednesday

Starting March 9th 

Welcome to Rock EZ Urban Line Dancing of Greensboro! Whether you love to dance or have two left feet, we do social dancing alone with others, FUN! We focus on popular and not-so-popular line dances performed throughout the nation and, in some cases, throughout the world in different genres.
Our classes run every Wednesday. Enjoy some feel-good music with a bit of two-step!