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The Magnolia House Foundation, Inc. intends to restore and maintain the structure and operation of the historic motel. Once complete, an exact replica of the NC Green Book site and what it represents to the region can be properly documented. We plan to launch Magnolia’s On-Premise History Museum to meet the community where they are, utilizing innovative technology and programs. We also hope to share little known historical experiences and stories of the Triad’s African American history, thereby enhancing the community’s tourism experience, developing our youth, and creating jobs.


The Historic Magnolia House was one of only five hotels that was considered safe for Black travelers between 1955 and 1961 in Greensboro, North Carolina. The Magnolia House was also called the “Magnolia Hotel” and “Magnolia Traveler’s Motel.” We now have digital copies of the Green Book, including the years 1955 to 1961 thanks to the New York Public Library. Today, The Historic Magnolia House is thriving. We offer private and public events, shoe box lunches, Sunday brunch, and so much more. Join us in our goal of rebuilding this historic hotel by attending our programs or donating today.
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Magnolia House


This collection of supplemental materials relates to The Historic Magnolia House, Gist Family, and Pass Family. Please feel free to download any of the available resources or contact The Historic Magnolia House for more information.


African-American singers and musicians once toured the country on a beltway that connected a string of clubs specializing in R&B and soul. The pathway was called the Chitlin’ Circuit, after the famed African American dish rooted in Southern cultural heritage, similar to the artists and their music. Notable stops along the Chitlin Circuit included The Howard Theater in DC, The Royal Peacock in Atlanta, and The Ritz here in Greensboro. Numerous artists who played the Chitlin Circuit stayed at The Historic Magnolia House before their shows. Neighbors from around Gorrell Street share memories of James Brown playing ball with the kids, Joe Tex signing autographs, and numerous others partying with the locals. To learn more about the Chitlin Circuit, view our interactive map below. Download our activity sheet to get an authentic feel for the music that brought the soul to The Historic Magnolia House.
The Chitlin Circuit